Farm & Ranch Insurance in Brunswick, GA

What is Farm & Ranch Insurance?

If you own a farm or ranch, your operation faces unique risks and liabilities. A standard business or home insurance policy probably won’t provide proper coverages for your operation—if any. Let Tompkins Insurance guide you through your Brunswick, Georgia farm insurance policy.
To a certain degree, farm and ranch insurance works similarly to standard home insurance. However, farm and ranch policies can also provide protection for barns, outbuildings, machinery, grain, hay, arenas, and various other farm/ranch buildings.

Tompkins Insurance: Insurance Know-how for Your Farm & Ranch Operation

Tompkins Insurance Agency has the knowledge and experience to help you create a customized farm and ranch policy. We’ll make sure your policy fits your operation’s need for individual coverages. Whether you own your property and work the land or rent to another party, we’ll help you find the right insurance mixes to attain proper protection.
Is the land you work leased? No worries. We’ll help you find suitable coverage regardless of your situation. (3)

What are Your Farm & Ranch Coverage Needs?

Do you grow crops? Raise livestock or cattle? Are you a dairy farmer? Is your farm or ranch a commercial operation? Do you run a horse farm?
Whatever the size and coverage needs of your property, we’ll shop our multiple insurance providers to find you the right coverages at price points that fit your budget:

Commercial Farm and Ranch Insurance
Row Crop Farm Insurance
Dairy Farm Insurance
Livestock Farm Insurance
Equine Farm Insurance
Cattle Farm Insurance

What Does a Typical Farm & Ranch Policy Cover?

Typical farm and ranch policies provide building coverages, combined with provisions to cover furnishings and equipment, including machinery and tools. If you raise cattle or other livestock, typical policies also provide accidental-death coverages for your animals due to:

Lightning strikes
Attacks by predators

Standard farm and ranch insurance also includes a liability provision. This coverage provides protection if someone with permission to be on your property suffers bodily injury or property damage due to an accident. You can also add umbrella coverage to extend your protection if you end up in court over a liability claim.
Additionally, if you live on your property, a typical farm and ranch policy will also cover your personal belongings:


Farm & Ranch Insurance Customized to Your Coverage Needs

Your coverages needn’t be limited to what’s provided by typical farm and ranch insurance. These policies can be tailored to include additional buildings, machinery, or even accidents caused by one of your animals. You can also add provisions to cover:

Milk contamination
Crop damage
Fire liability
Employee liability
Equine liability

Contact Tompkins Insurance Agency Inc for a Free Farm & Ranch Insurance Quote

What coverages do you need for your farm or ranch operation? Not sure? Interested in exploring your options? If you’ve got questions about farm and ranch coverage, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed policy decisions! If you’re ready to see how much you could save on Georgia farm and ranch insurance, call Tompkins Insurance Agency today at (912) 262-1609! For a free online farm and ranch insurance quote, please fill out the quote form on our contact page!

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